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Slowing down, but not stopping!

As the Holidays inch ever so much closer and the world around me becomes a bit more chaotic, finding the time to accomplish as much writing as I would prefer becomes ever more challenging, but not impossible. While I continue to focus my attention on the script for the eventual graphic novel adaptation of Come See The Light and have placed working on the first draft of the next book in the Future History series on the back burner, it would appear that excellent progress on either is most likely to be made sometime in the new year.

This means that there is a good chance my intended release date for the next book, which was initially set for October 26 of next year, might be adjusted at least a bit. Granted, it is still quite a ways away, and many things can happen within that incredible amount of time, but if I've learned anything in my experience with this life, it's that the only deadlines worth following through are the ones you make for yourself. So while I will continue to aim for my intended release goal, please forgive me if circumstances dictate otherwise.

Writing the script has proven to be a fascinating challenge. My intended artist has been exponentially helpful in crafting the script. I have gotten a good feel for the format and am enjoying the challenges and nuances of this particular writing style. While it is vastly different from writing scripts for the stage or screen, there are just enough similarities to allow a workable flow. With luck, I may have a script completed by February. Mind you, I said "may."

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with delicious food and good laughs. Please be sure to check in next Friday for another update.

Let's see what happens!

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