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Holiday Hold

It seems that present circumstances have continued to impose an unnecessary challenge on my productivity. Please understand I am not complaining, or at least I don't mean to give that impression, but things are, at present (no pun intended), piling up all around me. Too many additional commitments demand my time and attention and cannot be evenly divided. As such, while I do not intend to stop my writing projects completely, I must place them on hold for at least throughout December.

As I commented in an earlier blog entry, the need for absolute solitude had become more apparent and prevalent. When circumstances permit, I intend to return to one of my favorite pre-pandemic pastimes: going to a favorite café, putting on my concentration music, and focusing on nothing else but the task at hand—all the while enjoying one of my favorite coffee drinks.

On the brighter side, the animated commercial for the first book, Come See The Light, is near completion and will be featured on my website, youtube channel, and anywhere else I may post it. While I still have ambitions of airing the commercial on television networks and streaming services such as HULU, it may not be as practical as I had previously believed. Once the commercial is completed, we shall see where it may be best utilized.

I wish you all a Happy Holidays, and I look forward to seeing you all here again next week.

Let's see what happens!
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