October 28th Update

Updated: Nov 25

Much has happened in the last week, and much of it has been fantastic!

At the time of this blog entry, the new book is at 14,000 words. The story is slowly but surely coming to life. It becomes more likely that I may not have the entire first draft completed as soon as I had intended, but rest assured, that will not deter me from continuing.

I have a great head start that I might not have had if I hadn't taken the time away from my day job. While I cannot speculate nor predict how much longer it will take me to have the first draft completed, nor can I say how long the story will turn out to be, I can say that I intend to try and have a working first draft completed by January; just in time for my birthday.

Rest assured, weekly updates will continue here on this blog, and I hope you will continue to join me on this journey.

Let's see what happens!

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My apologies. I almost forgot about this update. I ended up working all day today along with many other things to take care of. Anyway, things are moving along as well as they can at the moment. Sadly