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November 12 Update

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Happy Veterans day, my friends!

In a surprising turn of events, my writing efforts have shifted from hammering out the next book's first draft to writing the script for the eventual graphic novel adaptation of the first book, Come See The Light. While I have always had a visual medium in mind for this particular story (a movie adaptation in particular), I am excited at the prospect of creating multiple versions of this story; that is incredibly dear to my heart. Rest assured, I shall return to hammering out the following book's first draft when time permits. But until then, I am deep into writing the script for Come See The Light's next grand adventure into the realm of printed & digital media.

I also intend to produce an audiobook adaptation of Come See The Light. The main challenge behind this little adventure is finding a suitable narrator. So far, a handful of candidates have expressed genuine interest in the project but have been unable to commit the necessary time and energy. I am waiting to hear back from one more potential narrator at the time of this writing. In case you're wondering why I don't just narrate the book myself, given my background in theater acting and interest in voiceover work, I am only keeping myself in mind as a last resort.

I apologize for sounding so vague and needlessly poetic; it's the best way to describe my position. In my opinion, Come See The Light requires a specific voice that I do not believe I can deliver. This story's specific qualities and spirit are such that it needs to be presented by someone who possesses a natural quality I can only hope to possess someday.

I have an illustrator in mind to help me create this graphic novel. He is a talented artist by the name of Jonathan Herzog. You may remember him as the artist behind the illustrations featured in the novel's appendix. He has been instrumental in helping me craft the script and has an incredible enthusiasm for the project. I am hopeful that we will create something unique together.

That is all for now. Thank you, as always, for checking in. I look forward to seeing you again for the next update.

Let's see what happens!

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